About Me


Jill PetwatchMy name is Jill and I am the sole owner and sitter of Petwatch UK which is now my full time career. I am not part of a larger organisation and I do not sub-contract any work to anyone else.

My love of animals has grown since I was a child I am currently the proud owner of three beautiful cats, one dog who all have unique character of their own. Poppy is my West Highland Terrier and she is now 8 years.  My three Mainecoon cats are called Tiggerlily, Flower and Sunflower.

After 25 years in the “Rat Race” and working for someone else, I decided it was time to do my own thing and do something I actually enjoyed doing. Setting up a pet sitting business was an easy decision, although deciding on a name was a little harder, but since then I have never looked back.

Of course leaving your house and pets in the care of someone you have perhaps only just met can be a worry, but I’m sure our first meeting will make you feel more comfortable.

I have a number of references I am also Police Checked which I will show you when we meet up to discuss your pet care requirements.

I believe it is important to have some principles to follow when I am caring for your pets and/or house – listed below:

  •     I will always leave the pets area clean and tidy
  •     I will always treat your pets with respect and never punish or hit them
  •     Your house will always be treated with great respect
  •     I will only go in to areas of the house noted as part of the agreement
  •     Food or drink will never be eaten in your house
  •     I will never answer your telephone
  •     I will keep your house keys locked in a safe and secure place